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Originally Posted by cbs1177 View Post
GGS is an good book, but I prefer Diamond's earlier "The Third Chimpanzee."

Just read "The Biology of Belief" by Joseph Giovannoli. It's about the brain, specifically how it's structure (the primitive amygdala vs. the more evolved prefrontal lobes) makes us biologically susceptible to suspicion/myth/religious beliefs, how these beliefs have influenced (and sometimes warped) societies, and how the future of mankind - in an era of resource-depletion - might be dependent on amending our susceptibility to such myths. If you fancy yourself religious, or you are ego-involved in any non-scientific belief system, this will be too irritating for you, but if you're intellectually open to a rigidly scientific dismissal of any and all suspicions/myths/religions, it is quite illuminating. I can honestly say it's changed the way I think of mankind in a fundamental way.

Two thumbs up!
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