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Originally Posted by Miss Independent View Post
Funny, I just had this conversation with my friend Brian. He said that Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up and 40 Year old Virgin all fell into that category. I kind of see them as a good compromise, enough stupid boy stuff to make the guys happy, with a bit of a gooey stuff for the girls without being overly sappy (I am not a huge fan of most chick flicks because they all tend to use the same girl cliches, girls get together singing, dancing around at slumber parties, talking about boyfriends...there are a few exceptions). As for this film, I like Paul Rudd, he tends to be a bit ascerbic and I like that, though unfortunately I read he is a Chiefs fan, poor thing.
maybe we should get together and talk about it... nekid.

Then we'll turn your name back to Miss B. Haven, wink, wink...
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