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Now or in the olden days there was a lot of bad product. Now the worst of it ends up in straight to video where back in the day there used to be an intro feature with the big feature following it. I am a big fan of 40s film comedies and noir (though some if it is dated, a big cliche and sometimes cheesy given modern sensibilities). I love Kate Hepburn and Robert Mitchum especially. Now, there are fewer male or females I would say I really love, Jodie Foster is one I can think of, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet. Males are harder to find (Russell Crowe sometimes, he reminds me of Richard Burton or Marlon Brando on occasion). I do like Christian Bale and some smaller character actors like William H. Macy. Clooney is good, he has that Dean Martin thing working for him.

Right now I am on a political kick so I am wanting to see Frost/Nixon and Milk. I also want to see Slumdog Millionaires, The Reader and the one coming out with Kate and Leo.
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