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Slumdog Millionaire - currently out in select cities

The most simply entertaining 2 hours ive had at the movies in a long time.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - this movie, while quite hollywood, wowed me with its technology but more so made me sombrely reflect on family and the passage of time. It's a beautiful film.

Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood is my favourite director. He doesn't disappoint here. There's a suprising amout of humour here... and his symbolism is in full force. Great little movie.

Man on Wire (DVD / Netflix instant) - Riveting documentary about the guy that tight roped between the two WTC towers in 74.

Iraq in Fragments (DVD / Netflix instant) - Beautifully shot documentary with three stories - a sunni boy in baghdad, the sadrists in basra and the kurds in the north. Crazy stuff there. Nice to see a documentary from an Iraqi perspective for once.
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