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Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
Is it?? You tell me how the Lakers frontcourt plays against bigger stronger players? Pau folds up, Bynum gets into foul trouble. and Kobe takes 30+ shots...Thats not a formula to win games...example...LAST NIGHT against Orlando.
Like I said - you obviously don't follow the NBA (or watch many Lakers games) if you're trying to suggest that last night's Orlando game was a typical game for the Lakers (insofar as you conveniently omit any mention of how the Lakers' front court has played against the Celtics, the Rockets, the Suns, and other teams with "bigger, stronger players.")

Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
I have the league pass for the NBA, and watch 4-5 games daily. Where as I bet you only tune into the Lakers in the 2nd half...just like the rest of LA...
Typical generic, weak Laker hater smack we hear all the time (on a par with brilliant claims like "Al Gore invented the Internet.")

More proof that you don't watch games - had you watched that Orlando game you mentioned you would have seen that Staples Center was rocking!

Originally Posted by TheManeMan View Post
Oh and as for the standings...ITS ONLY JANUARY! Standings don't mean anything until the first 2 weeks of April!
But you just finished arguing that the Lakers were "overrated."

What are you going to do for act two? Tell us that the Lakers have the highest scoring offense in the NBA and have had the best record in the league because of help from the refs or some sort of conspiracy?

Your opinions are clearly informed by blind hatred rather than facts (as you would be hard pressed to find any serious basketball analyst who would co-sign your characterization of the Lakers.)
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