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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
No doubt. His absence allowed teams (particularly Philly) to single the WR's and cheat the safties up for run support. His absence also exposed how mediocre Eli Manning is...
Along these lines, Mark Schlereth did an excellent job tracking Hixon on one play in that game ... it was a Jacobs run to the right ... while meantime way back on the other side of scrimmage, Hixon hardly made an effort to block his man, the CB. Anyway the play developed, and Jacobs broke free ... until that same CB made a TD saving tackle at around the 20-yard line. Because Hixon didn't block him. What an eye-opener how WR blocking makes such a big deal. BTW, the G-Men were held to a FG on that drive, so Hixon's half-ass "block" away from the play might've cost them the game.
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