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Wednesday, January 7. 2009
Obama and Bigfoot

Well I thought things were getting silly when UFOs appeared over one of Obama's rallies, aliens declared their support and then he came out as an alien (Baraktus Devourer of Worlds*) but it seems that was only the start. Other fields of Forteana are elbowing in. Rushing to the front of the stage is cryptozoology because it appears a man who claims to have evidence that Obama isn't a US citizen (you'd think better connected folks like the Secret Service might have looked into this already), with all sorts of shenanigans involved, is also the guy who claims he has a map to the location of two Bigfoot corpses, as he was the one who accidental blew them away:

Naturally, I'm not commenting on the broader issues (which sound awfully suspect to me) but you can read all about that above, the important thing to note is that weirdness still dogs Obama's heels. Also, I doubt this is the last time we return to him, he hasn't even been inaugurated yet!!! I wonder if anyone "special" might show up for the event - beyond the usual denizens of the lower fourth dimensions in humansuits, that is.
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