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One year of Anonymous against Scientology has come and gone, and it's time to take a look back at this year. The Church of Scientology said we'd be gone in a flash, that we were a passing fad. They said that we would disappear as soon as we realized that Scientology was serious about this, and that we simply wouldn't last. They also tried issuing impotent orders to Cease and Desist to anyone whose name they managed to get, pressed criminal charges against us, and tried to get us to tear each other apart.

They also lost one of their major financial backers, Australian multi-billionaire James Packer. Some of their former spokespeople came out against them quite publicly. Tommy Davis, perhaps their biggest spokesman, embodied "fail" on CNN. Perhaps most importantly, the Church of Scientology and its wrongdoings became more than just a joke on a cartoon and became something that people began to discuss.

Anonymous: Still Alive from blue on Vimeo.
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