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Originally Posted by GoBroncos DownUnder View Post
Farrior has NOT weighed under 220 since High School, where did you pull that "stat" from?? (I'd say 235 at MINIMUM this year)

Dumerville COULD make a massive leap as OLB in the 3-4 ... depends on how he adapts though, so we can figure out which OLB/side!

Dump the Suggs idea, you seen the "after the ball" crap he pulls Putting your hand on the throat of a DOWNED Miami RB after the play was done is absolute crap, and should not be ignored. Let him go "implode" on some other team with his cheap/macho/thug/crap!
Before you call BS, you could try a simple google search. It really isn't that difficult, but here:

So yes, Farrior WAS 218.

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