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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Why wouldn't Curry now be the more important pick?

We have been looking at Rey and Spikes because of a 4-3 MLB spot, but shouldn't we be talking about the potential of Curry as a 3-4 OLB?
Curry is probably the best LB prospect for any defense in the last decade. If he's available then hell yes, we should take him.

If not? Then I'd prefer BJ Raji who would be a dynamic NT.

I like some of the talent we have for a 3-4 though.

Thomas is an excellent option for the 3-4 DE job, and I think Crowder could be solid in the weakside DE role. Robertson has played in the 3-4 at NT, while he was only average there he'd make a solid stop gap option while we train our long term NT (Raji hopefully).

At OLB, well, I think it might be the position that best suits Jarvis Moss at this point, since he clearly can't add weight, and the 3-4 OLB is probably the only position Dumervil might be an every down starter in. Even if he isn't I think he'd play well as an OLB who gets up on the line in a three point stance a la Willie McGinest.

Inside the MAC or Will role (weak side ILB) is a good fit for DJ, much like it was a good fit this year for Carlos Dansby. Larsen also finds an immediate home in the starting lineup next to him as the Mike (strong side ILB).

We'll need to get a lot of extra depth across the board in the front seven, but our young high potential guys almost all find a home. Woodyard is the tough one to place but I don't really rule him out, guy is a gamer and he's always finding a way to get on the field.
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