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Von Miller

Originally Posted by The MVPlaya View Post
Sure, generally, most defenses are read and react because that's essentially what you're always doing... however it's much more detailed than that. The read and react defenses of the Titans and Bears are different than what the Broncos were running.

I would like to say that the Bears and Broncos were running similar schemes at times...
dont need to complicate this into something more , as I said it is up to the D as what they give up to the offense , but it all boils down to beating the man in front of you , Broncos for the most part ran a very soft zone , mainly cause our front 7 couldnt read a Dr Seuss book with out help , much less PAP , or the POA , we got lucky a few times , but Webster was all out of sorts .......
so in essence we gave a real soft underneath ......Bears with Urlacher didnt have to .........
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