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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
Unless you are blitzing Most defenses are a read and react .... the offense dictates what the defense does , it is up to the defense to decide what they give up ...... short underneath stuff , or play tight and take chances with forcing an offense to go deep other words Nolan isnt big on blitzing or being aggressive , and with the people we got on Defense , this may not be a bad thing , Webster , made so many wrong reads and got out of position so much, his nickname should be loss .........
Sure, generally, most defenses are read and react because that's essentially what you're always doing... however it's much more detailed than that. The read and react defenses of the Titans and Bears are different than what the Broncos were running. An attacking defense is can essentially be said to read and react, since you're seeing if it's a running play or passing play. I guess you can call it aggressive vs conservative.

The problem with the more conservative is that you sometimes might not get a pass rush, and it's easier to to miss assignments.

I would like to say that the Bears and Broncos were running similar schemes at times...

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