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Originally Posted by lex View Post
The Ravens have had rock solid defensive personnel for many years going back to before Nolan was there.
Who knows what's happening though...

Maybe Mike Nolan won't be 100% in charge of the defense and what will happen. Coming from Bill Belichick, McDaniels could instill a Patriots-esque defense.

The Patriots run a "Fairbanks-Bullough" 3-4 defense... basically the 2-gap 3-4 scheme where the dlineman take up both of the olineman's gaps. This type of defense is obviously much more on the conservative side than aggressive. However, it does create turnover's.

We'll need to start looking for more versatile Jack Will Mike and Sam's. 3-4 system's require extremely talented LB's to be competent. LB's that can blitz, pass rush, stop the run, and drop into coverage. LB's that can essentially play like elite d lineman or drop into coverage like Seymour or Harrison.

We will see...
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