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Default can anyone explain a 3-4 positional breakdown?

you guys probaly know what to look for in players better than i would and a fellow poster could use some coachin up....

I know the D-line consists of basically two 4-3 type DT's sittin at D ends bein cogs.... and also it seems like it all starts with monsterous NG's... not very many successful 3-4's without a dominant NG... if that's the case that's just gotta move haynesworth even higher on peoples wishlist... and also bowlen seems to let new coaches spend some $ on building thier schemes last few years

linebackers I'm not real sure on middle i think size becomes a factor again as they will play head up with an o lineman.... outside obviously you want some tweeners i think most people have a grasp on what you look for there...

which brings me to the secondary?? no idea what you'd look for there?

would appriciate some feedback
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