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Originally Posted by The MVPlaya View Post
Mike Nolan will be a good change for the defense, but we definitely need to add some talent. He obviously runs a 3-4, and we don't exactly have all the pieces to a 3-4 right now.

Mike Nolan uses a "read and react" defense. It is what it sounds, forces players to read then react. When the Niners were running this, they missed many assignments and gave up huge plays. Some can possibly blame it on their lack of talent.

Some might be thinking, "well aren't all defenses essentially read and react?"

No. In contrast, let's take the Ravens defense for example. They are an aggressive attack defense. Eagles are an aggressive attack defense.

I hate to say this, but our defense for the 2008 season was a "read and react" system. Those who watched most of the games should have easily seen this. For those who didn't...

Nolan's system had worked with the Ravens from 01-04. He had major talent and a massive pass rush... thus making it a great scheme. Here an interesting article on it October 2008 before he was fired from the Niners.
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