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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
actually gonchar is still on the books for 2 more years, but hey dont let facts get in the way of your arguement. altho id be happy if he left, your team has sure sucked ass without him, moreso then when cindy was out.

contracts expiring before 09/10
Satan 3.5
Boucher 2.5
Sykora 2.5
Fedotenko 2.25
Gill 2.075
Zigomanis 0.65
TOTAL 13.475

contracts extended for 09/10
Malkin 8.70
Staal 4.0
Talbot 1.050
TOTAL 13.75

so next year when they lose 5 more players and still occupy the same cap spot you dont see a problem ? the cap is staying still at best and going lower at worst.

says the guy who dosnt remember when the penguins tanked the last 2 weeks in the 83-84 year to draft mario ? or was that before you were a pens fan ?
83-84... i was 4.

Gill, Fedetanko and Satan won't probably be there...

Lets see - gonchar signed a 5 year deal in 2k5 - by my estimation, gonchar's last year is next year douchebag. Ya, that's are wrong again.

You are a ****ing tool, you know that.
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