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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by A.L.F. View Post
I thought it was par for the course when Duck fans got free wieners at that BBQ instead of a Parade.
You keep bringing this up but dont you think any fast food restuarant would love the exposure of being in front of thousands? I cant say wait until the Kings get a Cup to see what happens next; A riot, free food, gangbangers now acting like they are big Kings fans, etc. I am not sure how old I will be to come back and blast you away on that. What matters is the product on the ice and to say the Pond sucks shows just how trivial you are towards anything Orange County. The Honda Center (Pond) is soooo much better than Staples Center. Unless, of course, you like 3 rows of luxury boxes separating the real fans from the action. 3 starters from the Ducks must tell you people either vote for who deserves to be there or the Ducks fans are into hockey more than you think. Chadta does have something and that is the SoCal mentality of hockey is low compared to Phily, NY, Canada and Detroit. YOU might know hockey, but it is a sport that is below boxing, martial arts fighting and such.
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