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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
It isn't instant but your team has been playing that tune for awhile now.
For awhile? Hardly...this is the first time in it's franchise history that the Kings are building through the draft.

HF does organizational rankings and the Kings are ranked in the top 5 the past 3 years. Since Dean Lombardi took over. We were ranked #1, #5, and now #2. John do you know what the Red Wings record looked like in the 80s and early 90s? Do you know what got them to the top and made them sustain their dominance in the NHL? Building through the friggin draft. It doesn't happen overnight. You have to be patient, and the signs are there we will be really good soon.

Most Kings prospects are too busy right now winning gold, silver, and bronze medals at the World Juniors for Canada, Sweden, and Russia. Do you know who captained the Canada team and Sweden team in the tourney and Championship game? That's right LA King prospects.

Even the Kings fans didnt come down in droves to support their team.
They show up. I saw bunch of King fans in their third jerseys on the tube, not as many as their used to be and plus the Honda Center sucks balls.
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