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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post
actually... I think shero's done a good job. He didn't pay Malone the $$$ he wanted, he kept Brooks - i mean this team turned around quick.

But having a large bit of your payroll going to: Crosby, Malkin, Staal (soon), Fluery, Whitney - there's going to be more emphasis on role players and the draft.

With the D we have i'm happy there. No proven Wingers in the minors - BUT there is talent.
There is more emphasis on the draft now now that he traded away assets for Gary Roberts and Hossa. That's why I think he should be on the hot seat, the Pens need to develop players more rather than relying on FA and trades, it's going to hurt them in the long term even if they have Crosby and Malkin forever.

The Penguins pipeline is pretty much empty right now, because recently most of the prospects graduating to the big club. Shero needs to fix that asap or its going to hinder your teams in the future.
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