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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Bronx33 View Post
Hey hogan remember i was talking about that who dvd release well here it is and i watched it tonight at my brothers house ( it's excellent)
Okay, got this for Xmas but because of the Diego trip, I couldn't get to it sooner than today. It's about what I expected, which is to say that it's great. They haven't played for a year, so they are very loose (which I kinda like myself) It takes a bit for Moon to get up to speed at the beginning, but when he does, he's his typical self. Townsend is beyond manic in trying to prove he's not the boring old fart the punks of the time accused him of being. Daltry was at his zenith as a vocalist and the film made the loss of Entwistle hurt that much more....what a talent, what a Man, what a tragedy his passing was .

The high point for me was Dreaming From The Waist..which is grossly underrated as a song. It's good to finally have some footage of it in it's totality. Pete was pretty entertaining at this point, slapping the drink at and pushing the amp over on the stagehand, threatening the crowd to come up and try taking the guitar off him and such....big bad Pete

Overall, a great DVD. The 69 show is great footage as well, but the years in the vault took it's toll on it. I've seen much better footage of that show in The Kids Are Alright...I understand the age of it and all but damn that was pretty beat. I'd rank Live At Kilburn 1977 right behind that film and IMHO the greatest footage of The Who of them all Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970.
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