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No-Yards Morano

Originally Posted by Florida_Bronco View Post
Well TJ, I can tell you that I've exchanged PM's with at least 2 members who have given this reason to me, and another 2 who have indicated that through mutual friends I have here. They have asked me not to mention who they are and I will have to respect that.

Regardless, TJ, you have to know I'm not the only person who feels that way.

I disagree. They may not be the royal d-bags we see on other forums, but they still cause problems here. Look how many legitimate discussions will get derailed because some troll with throw in some smack and then our fans get fired up and it all degenerates from there.

I can count one hand the number of decent posters we have from other teams.

- Crazyhorse (post medical issues, God bless him)
- Naptown
- ROYC (for the most part)
- A Raiders fan whose user name I can't recall off hand

Beyond that, what other fans do we have here that aren't trolling? Just about every Charger fan we have either A) joined during or after 2006 or B) had joined before 2006 but never posted until 2006.

I can handle members that our fans of other teams just fine, provided they don't try to derail our threads with smack talk. Hell, I would be fine with the smack too, provided it was kept seperate like the WRP room. Then I could avoid it or participate depending on my mood.
Yeah, they didn't have Chargers fans before 06, thats a well known fact.

Anyways, I would have been posting here a lot more if I ever got my confirmation email. I had to bug TJ about it on ChiefsPlanet.

I'll have 10,000 posts before you know it.
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