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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by jake meffley

did i need these asterisks? has someone posted while im typing this? who knows?


i see your point flame, but i think editing is MUCH easier than remembering/wondering if you should use astersiks.

just my opinion, and i see that hat god agree's.

anyone else?

call me crazy or a whiner, and im truly sorry if i come off that way, but the more i think about it i REALLY dont like this feature.
if im in the minority ill deal, and i REALLY appreciate all taco's hard work, but this one strikes me as a step in the wrong direction.

Yeah... that was what I was thinking... particularly when the board's not too active, the *s would be easy to add. But I like Patswin's idea of an automatic HR HTML tag even better. That would break up separate thoughts without needing any extra effort.
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