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that explains the question i had!!

i just posted two consecutive on another thread and was cinfused to see them merged.

anyway, while it might help the short posts, sometimes myself, mock, or you taco will INTENTIONALLY break up long post into two to either emphasize a new thought OR just shorten the post to make it easier to read.

another question is what happens if youre tryin to quote someone.
sometimes ill post 3 or 4 in a row in a thread with all posts responses to quotes from others. will those still be separate?


Originally Posted by frerottenextelway
Technology! Everyone thinks TJ is working hard on the site, but really, he's just like a kid in a candy store with this stuff.
no response to you gus, just trying to answer my own question.

see how disjointed this is getting.

i dont know taco.

no offense but i dont like it at all.

its nice to be able to quote DIFFERENT people and have different posts to differentiate.
i think this will actaully cause confusion.

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