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Originally Posted by uplink View Post
I'm from DC. Fans here and numerous sports radio hosts complain constantly about the redskins. Started during the Norv Turner years, this thing seems to follow him around. Fans are kind of like the owner, want it all right now SB, undefeted, etc...

It was always on the coach, comparing to the Joe Gibbs days. Then they got Gibbs back for this very reason and even he couldn't do anything. I think the attitude of the fans and city does have some influence on the team, I can't see how the skins will every be great again in this environment.

They even complain here after a good win for example last weekends victory 10-3 over a decent eagles team. 'Didn't score enough points'.

Right now Zorn is on thin ice, seems the win over the eagles may have saved his butt for another year.

Fellow DCer here, Uplink. Welcome to the Mane. You probably know by now that Zorn's back next year.
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