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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Two? If you watch the full video, you see a whole hell of a lot more than just TWO chunks of ice thrown. The players are being pelted by everyone in the stands for who knows how long....
(Yeah, I was counting "chunks" though)
Where's a jets fan when you want one, maybe they could watch it and count ALL the snowballs in the video ... You think we could find one who can count past 21?

That's why I HATE teams on the West Coast, the "it's a joke, who cares!" attitude is crap. Throw a snowball at a Giants game and see how long it takes until you're ejected, fined and the OWNER of your seat loses his Season Ticket rights!
It's a MUTUAL respect thing!

(Did you hear some stupid Pats fan "ran into/tackled" Junior Seau on Sunday ... THAT seat is now available for this week and next season!!)

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