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Originally Posted by GoBroncos DownUnder View Post
If you search for the FULL video on YouTube, there are TWO chunks of ice thrown.
25 seconds in, the first is thrown by a "fan" above the players exit and IMO was GENUINELY intended to hit one of the Jets player!
36 seconds in, Ellis picks up the chunk of snow and lobs it at a fan, stupid we all know, but no-one got hurt.
46 seconds in, Fan with the snow Ellis threw holds it up like a trophy for all to see and then (I think) even does his version of the Heisman pose.

What a joke! Goddell blows!
Two? If you watch the full video, you see a whole hell of a lot more than just TWO chunks of ice thrown. The players are being pelted by everyone in the stands for who knows how long....
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