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Posted by Mike Florio on December 24, 2008, 8:19 a.m. EST

In a Tuesday search of the New Jersey home of Giants receiver Plaxico Burress, members of the NYPD and local authorities found two more guns — a 9-mm handgun and a rifle — along with ammunition.

Police previously had recovered from Burress the .40-caliber Glock that Burress allegedly had in his possession at a Manhattan night club on November 29.

Authorities also seized the pants that Plax was wearing when he added two new holes to his body.

As a league source with knowledge of the legal system remarked in reaction to the news, “Ben Brafman is as bad as Larry Woodward. The first questions you ask are do you have and firearms? Are they registered? And then [you say], ‘Give them to me.’”

Brafman is the high-priced, high-profile lawyer Burress hired in the wake of the incident; Woodward is Mike Vick’s longtime lawyer, who could have tried to get Vick to come clean and cut a deal before the whole dogfighting thing mushroomed into a mess that resulted in a 23-month prison term.

Then again, it’s possible that Woodward tried to get Vick to see the light, and that Vick opted not to listen. And thus it’s possible that Brafman specifically asked Burress if he had any more guns, and that Burress lied to Brafman in response.

If so, don’t be surprised if Buress ends up with new counsel before too long. If Brafman doesn’t trust his client, it becomes extremely difficult for Brafman to be as effective as he possibly can be.
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