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Thursday, December 18, 2008
Wild Theory Wed: Da 'Vinci The Sneaky Scion
At the request of a great friend who saw my fractal posts, here, here, and here I took a look at some of Da'Vinci's artworks from the "fractal viewpoint".

It's fairly known that Leonardo da Vinci was a Priory of Scion member and a brilliant artist, thinker, and inventor, not to mention schooled in the esoteric. He hid many symbols in his works pertaining to his own belief systems.

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

Above is the famous painting 'The Last Supper'. Now I've seen other syncronauts mention the "3 illuminated windows" behind Jesus and how he forms the Pyramid, yada yada yada, o.k. well, I decided to try and "think" like an esoterically trained artist would. My thoughts were "well, more than likely an esoteric secret society doesn't believe in Jesus, they just perpetrate the myth to keep their control". You know, power of myth belief? I decide to "ignore" the entire buffet scene and focus on the "not so apparent". Since Da Vinci was a very intelligent creator, and did some "self portraits", I theorized it must have been with mirrors...and the Hermetic belief of "as above, so below" came to mind. I decided ultimately to cut the entire cast of characters out and focus on the "above". I cut the above out and ran it through a "mirror mirror" filter which did the "as above so below" thang:

Here is a straight dead on view of the results..but turn it 90 degrees and...

Holy Kamole' Batman! Is that a Pyramid with a capstone hovering there?
Whats that above? The duality gates of Heaven/Hell? Looks like its heading
straight into the Void no less!

If you look more closely at the pyramid, you'll see some interesting patterns. So I have to ask, is this a "hidden symbol" for those that are aware? Did DaVinci hide this in there on purpose, or did some [K]osmic [K]onsciousness embed it in there? My money is on it was hidden there and mirrors were used in its inception onto canvas...if not, then the Luciferian mindset has some explaining to do! Either way, it makes for an interesting water cooler conversation.

That's all I have time for now folks, be wise, be well, and have peace!
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