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Originally Posted by Hogan11 View Post
A Yardbirds record and not a cd eh? What a weird request....I'll take a stab at it though.

Your best bet would be a CD actually and that would be Ultimate which is on Rhino. This collection serves two purposes:

1) It (like all Rhino compilations) tends to go overboard on it's selection of material, which in this case is an advantage for you. IMHO, It contains the best cross section of each era of the band (but be advised Beck comes out the winner here materialwise, so if you're a slave to Page or might feel they're underrepresented)....and
2) Because it's on Rhino, it'd be a minor miracle if it ever goes out of print. So the title should be still available thru Rhino's website.

Now, if you're really serious about the vinyl releases, then you need to seek out some of the original mid-60's stuff (because it's doubtful an all inclusive anthology is available in that format). I'd go with Over Under Sideways Down...but again, if you're a Page or Clapton addict, you'll be disappointed (since that's a Beck disc). If Page-era is what you're after, you will need to search out Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page which will give you all you need in the pre-Zep Page Dept. and more. If Clapton is what you're after, then Five Live Yardbirds will fit the bill nicely.

Hope that helps.
Thanks. I listened to the five live birds and liked it! Very interested in Over Under Sideways Down. Have to get it.

I also listened to Little Games. Found some Similarity between "White Summer" and "Over the Hills and Far Away". Nothing major. Thought it was cool.
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