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Originally Posted by amesj523 View Post

Streets ahead: The road that generates electricity from moving cars

We are told that driving alone in our cars is a waste of our dwindling fuel supplies.

But scientists now claim they have developed a way to use the movement of cars along a street to generate electricity.

And, to prove it, they will be opening the world's first road of its kind next month.

The scientists in Israel say that cars travelling along a mile length of asphalt could generate more than 640 kilowatts - enough power to run 12 small cars.
Only problem with that is the cars will get worse gas millage because
the energy has to come from somewhere, which will mean more drag on
the cars, so it will take more fuel for the cars to maintain the same speed
on the highway and so it will waste even more petroleum.
Obviously the scientist who came up with that idea flunked thermodynamics
when he was in college.
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