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Wesley Woodyard

Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Got my two tickets! Thanks.

I have four tickets together in 518, asking $150 for all of them. Let me know if interested. I'd prefer to just meet you at the game to exchange.
I've now got 3 tickets left. PM if interested, I've currently got a guy from work offering $25 a ticket, but I don't like him and he's a steelers fan. I see that there really is no market for tickets and I will not recoup much from the hundreds I have now spent on this game. So go ahead and make me a low ball offer (if you're not a steelers fan you can have em for less than $25/ticket) or even attempt to barter something.

I may also conduct a poetry contest - the winner gets the tickets... but I don't know if anyone even cares that much.
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