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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
I heard DARPA's going to make something to destroy the world called "Metal Gear" next.

Can the quack writing the article at least come up with an original conspiracy instead of ripping off hollywood?
Well -

The Pentagon's DARPA (the people who brought us the Internet) put out a call for proposals for a shape-shifting "chemical robot," or ChemBot, that can pour itself into small spaces and creep under doors, then TRANSFORM ITSELF on the other side back into its regular shape. The Pentagon wants a softball-size robot that can squeeze through a 1-centimeter opening, then go back to its original size in under 15 seconds.

See Rev -

I view all the SCI/FI stuff - as R&D for the stuff in the future. I mean that push to talk cell phone does look like the communicator thingy from startrek...etc.

So we have darpa working on making the RV killing machines that will not stop...granted they are drones, etc - but then with that comes advanced AI, etc.

Don't get pissy due to the poor writing so much - as to what the Pentagon/Darpa are doing. They've seen the same movies and want it too.

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