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Sorry NHL fans but...... it's time for the league to say the fans. I think it's time to take the all star voting away from the fans.
Every season there are guys who get snubbed in every sport. This year is a complete embarassment in the NHL. Montreal is desroying everyone in all star voting unless your name is Malkin or Crosby. Montreal doesn't have 1 guy in the top 30 in points, goals, and only 1 in assists (Markov). Yet, Tanguay, Koivu, and Kovalev are right behind both Crosby and Malkin? All three Habs forwards have 400,000 more votes then Ovechkin!!!
There are teams out there who have players who are way more deserving. Flyers have Carter, Gagne and Richards who are all in the top 13 in points and goals in the NHL not just Eastern conference. Look at Kessell in Boston, nowhere to be found. hell, the guying leading the entire NHL in goals (Vanek) just barely cracks the top 10 in voting. He's 500,000 votes behind the 3 headed monster in Montreal.
One more thing.... Carey Price is leading the voting by almost 100,000 votes. He is 11th in GAA, and save percentage.

NHL, please taking the priveledge of voting away from these bafoons!!!
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