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The Mc Rib

if i may be so bold as to chime in, i dont really care one way or another about either team, so hear it is.

brian burke has shown that he hates draft picks, hell trade them for anything, and honestly john, im gonna have to agree with alf, i think your time is running out, free agents are great but less and less of them actually make it to free agency, as they get traded for just before the deadline or resigned by there current team. and your running out of picks to trade.

now onto the laughing stock of the kings, come on dood, the penguins are young and good, your just young, there is a difference.

anybody catch the young flyers team spot the hurricanes a 5-1 into the third and manage to pull off a win, not a real win i mean it was in the shootout, but just coming back to tie was an accomplishment.
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