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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
It is good to know that you still cant acknowledge that free agency exist in the NHL where we got players like Pronger, Selanne and Niedenmeyer. Free agency gives you the short cut where youth lacks experience to get you to the playoffs and beyond.
Once again, you show your lack of knowledge about your team. If you followed the Dinosaurs before their cup run, you would know that Pronger was not acquired via FA. You traded for Pronger by giving away Lupul, Smid, two first round picks, a 2008 second round pick.

This is the point I was making before, you guys lack top flight prospects in the system for this reason, trading away lots of long term assets for the short-term. With Neids and Pronger eating up lots of minutes on your team, when they retire it will leave big holes on your defense. "Giggy" will get older and won't be worth that albatross of a contract he has.

Going through the draft is where you build a sustained winner like the Wings, Devils, Sharks, Nordiques/Avalanche etc. Besides, the Kings have more cap space and assets than the Ducks have. So a player like Gaborik will probably sign with the Kings this offseason as it has been rumored.

You can believe that your team isn't going stumble down soon, but the fact remains that the Kings and Coyotes have been loading up on talent. It's due to happen in the next year or so...we have already surpassed the Stars. The Ducks are next and in a couple years the Sharks.

Did you happen to see the first goal last night by no other than Bobby Ryan? He is getting time on the PP too. Right now, he is far from a bust and one of the hotter players on the team. If there name has RYAN in it, they are sticking around. As for the young studs, you forgot Perry. Kunitz is up there also. I like this season but cant wait to see how wrong you will be in a few seasons. Maybe a hick up of one season but nothing like you guys produced after the Montreal Finals season. Kinda Clippers-isque for SoCal
Jury is still out on Ryan, he isn't anything great yet either. The Kings made a better selection about nine spots back in the same draft.

The one thing I am definitely looking forward to, is seeing even more empty seats in the Ponda when their team takes a dump. Who knows, maybe then Ducks will try and change the name to the Los Angeles Ducks of Anaheim to get more fans from LA.
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