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The Top 10 Anomalous, Dubious, Hoax, Events And Links Of 2008

Hello, welcome back to The Heavy Stuff (THS) - the one blog of the internet dedicated to taking positions on some of realities greatest mysteries. And, as most of you already know, THS also has a daily `anomaly links’ webpage on Squidoo featuring 1 to 5 daily links to everything from the esoteric to the absurd - the link will be below. And, as humanity moves further and further into the `information age’ - and as more and more information - becomes suspect - with all aspects of digital reality coming with the imbedded ability to manipulate the outcome - no `stories’ can be sworn to as real anymore. Such is the state of the anomalous internet world in 2008.No longer is `getting a picture’ or `video’ of a Ufo enough - since any product can be created in a lab and no one has the time, money or effort to prove or disprove any specific one anymore. And, in 2008, no longer is the word of the law above reproach - as we saw with the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax this summer promoted by one of our men in blue. And, no longer is the government afraid to tell the big lie - as in the Stephenville Ufo Incidents earlier in 2008. And, with such - `no longers’ - in our final visions of what constituted our high strangeness list for this year - we have decided to include the hoaxes too — as their coverage by the mainstream media is becoming part of the Fortean story.

And, with that, THS presents 2008’s Best Hoaxes, Anomalous Events and Dubious Links Listing: (in reverse order)
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