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The light from Venus resembles frequencies seen in an electric discharge through ionized gas.

New images from the European Space Agency's Venus Express are said to reveal a "mysterious" chemical that absorbs ultraviolet light. The variation in molecular density causes the Venusian clouds to absorb different frequencies of UV light, creating the bright and dark zones seen in images from space.

Ultraviolet light reveals cloud structures and how the 300-kilometer-per-hour wind creates turbulence and layering within them. Infrared imaging relates the differences in temperature in the cloud tops, as well as how high they are above the surface. The ultraviolet studies indicate that the dark bands in the atmosphere are areas where the temperature is highest, while the bright banding at mid-latitudes exhibits a cooler temperature.

Infrared measurements reveal a surprising fact: the clouds in both the dark and the bright zones on Venus are at approximately the same altitude. A recent study reveals that the different temperatures and dynamic conditions in the clouds are supposed to cause the global ultraviolet display. However, no one knows the exact nature of the chemical that absorbs ultraviolet light.

Could it be that Venus is behaving in a way that consensus opinions do not address? The signals sent back from Venus Express, as well as those from previous missions, are typical of what is seen in a gas discharge tube. The Magellan orbiter detected highly reflective mountain peaks on Venus, prompting one Electric Universe theorist to describe them as wearing coats of "St. Elmo's fire."
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