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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I guess when you suck for sooo many years, you can stockpile young "potential" studs.
That's true. There is no denying the Kings have a horrible record in Hockey, the fact is there is one way to be a consistent contender and that is through the draft. It is the way the Red Wings and Devils stay very competitive year after year. Dean Lombardi is trying to emulate that formula Lamoriello and Holland use for building this organization.

That being said, the Kings in its ENTIRE existence have NEVER built through the draft. We also never properly utilized the pipeline, see: Jamie Storr etc. This is why I firmly believe that we are on the right track, many hockey experts and fans would agree as well. It's also why we are considered one of the deepest and quality pipelines in the NHL.

Right now is not the time in the rebuilding process for the Kings to make big free agent splashes. Once the draft picks have been developed then Lombardi will add a free agent or two to bolster the team.

Now, let me educate you on your own team, the Anaheim Dinosaurs.

Here is your roster in it's correct format. In Bold are players over thirty-

20 Carter, Ryan C 6-2 203 8/3/83
53 Festerling, Brett D 6-1 208 3/3/86
15 Getzlaf, Ryan C 6-4 221 5/10/85
35 Giguere, G 6-1 201 5/16/77
3 Hedican, Bret D 6-2 210 8/10/70
1 Hiller, Jonas G 6-2 196 2/12/82
40 Huskins, Kent D 6-2 209 5/4/79
14 Kunitz, Chris LW 6-0 195 9/26/79
22 Marchant, Todd C 5-10 180 8/12/73
24 May, Brad LW 6-1 218 11/29/71
6 McIver, Nathan D 6-2 205 1/6/85
32 Moen, Travis LW 6-2 215 4/6/82
5 Montador, Steve D 6-0 211 12/21/79
7 Morrison, Brendan C 5-10 187 8/15/75
44 Niedermayer, Rob C 6-2 200 12/28/74
27 Niedermayer, Scott D 6-1 198 8/31/73
26 Pahlsson, Samuel C 6-0 205 12/17/77
16 Parros, George RW 6-5 229 12/29/79
10 Perry, Corey RW 6-3 209 5/16/85
25 Pronger, Chris D 6-6 213 10/10/74
54 Ryan, Bobby RW 6-2 218 3/17/87
8 Selanne, Teemu RW 6-0 204 7/3/70
17 Sutherby, Brian C 6-3 205 3/1/82

By next year more players will be highlighted in bold, the window is closing for your team rapidly. Some of Dinosaurs on that roster eat up major minutes, see: Pronger, Gaymu Salami. I have a hard time seeing your so called youth players filling in for them with zero problems.

Now on to your notion that you have young players that are capable of filling in for Gaymu Salami, Prongher, Neids etc. is wrong and misguided. Take off your orange blinders and see the reality that you have just depth players waiting in Iowa. There is nobody there that lights up the ice. The only good players you have are Gaytzlaf and Carter...and that is about it. You do NOT have blue chip prospects waiting in the wings, that is the main difference between our clubs. Once you exit from the playoffs quickly that will be the end of an era for the Dinosaurs.

In fact, I see a lot of comparisons between the Dinosaurs and the Stars and it won't be long before they are both in the bottom of the division. Other teams in the division like Kings and the Coyotes are going to be ascending in the next year or so. Coyotes have a lot of youth, speed and skill players. The Sharks I see holding the Division banner for a few more years.
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