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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
LABF. Who's that? I've always liked that Kinks' song, Lazing on a sunny afternoon.
That's my friend and mentor Carl Verheyen.

Carl is a first-call, A-list L.A. studio player who has played on about a gazillion records, movies, and TV shows over the past 25 years or so.

Chances are you've heard him many times and don't even know it.

Carl has also has also recorded several CDs with his own group:

His first record is sort of fusion-oriented (Allan Holdsworth guests on one track.)

"Garage Sale" is the one that best showcases the incredibly wide range of styles Carl can play, IMO.

Subsequent records are more blues and vintage rock oriented.

Carl is easily the most versatile guitar player I've ever met insofar as he can play any style - whether rock, blues, jazz, country, nylon string classical, or whatever - and play it really well.

His intervallic approach to single note improv is really innovative and original too.
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