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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
! Do you think the same players stay on the same team for years on end? We have guys down in Iowa that are ready to come up when the "dinosaurs" turn to fossil fuel. You have this idea that all your young players will still be on the Kings as much as our players will all be here in three years. You know your team very well but you have no idea what young players the Ducks have currently and in the wings.
You might be fearing us and the fact that you wont be able to sign all your young studs.
You have no clue John and that post proves it.

Your team is OLD and full of dinosaurs. Plus your GM wanted out, his excuse was to be closer to family but I think the fact the Quacks are going downhill is another factor as well. I know my team well, better than yours.

Speaking of which, I wonder when Bobby Ryan is going to live up to his potential? Talk about a freaking bust..but hey I am not complaining, that pick eventually led us to get JMFJ. Thanks! Ryan also highlights something you quacks do not have in your pipeline, top-flight prospects.

You may have some young guys, but the thing the Kings are building with QUALITY and QUANTITY. It's not comparable to the Anaheim Dinosaurs pipeline, just isn't. When your older players retire, the guys in your pipeline are not going to fill the gap. That's the reality of it and you know it. Otherwise you would be rattling off the top young guys you got like I did previously.

Lastly I am going to address your question of whether the young guns will stick around for the Kings. We already completed a lot of the contract extensions. Namely with Kopitar, Brown, Greene, Sullivan, Stoll...Lombardi has a plan and I am not worried about not being able to sign all Kings prospects. Kings have plenty of cap space...PLENTY.

Besides the Anaheim Dinosaurs aren't going to beat the Sharks or Wings. It will be a first round exit and the flight downhill rapidly begins.
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