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Default Off-Topic: Requiem Health Update

Hey everyone,

I know I have some good friends here and while I spend more time at other forums, I figured I'd keep some of you up to date with issues regarding my health. Over the past few months I haven't been able to urinate and digest my fluids and food as well as I would have liked to. I also had signs of peripheral edema (in my legs, and it's pitting edema -- which means tight clothes or anything touching my legs cause indentations, etc.) -- and after a long battle of not being able to move around as much as I'd like and function properly, I went in this past Friday and yesterday to get some tests done.

After a CBC, multiple UA's (doing another 24 hour one today -- urine analysis), a metabolic panel, X-Ray's and a THS -- preliminary results showed that I suffer from Nephrotic Syndrome, which is the cause of all the aforementioned symptoms and is usually associated with kidney failure and disease.

Tomorrow I will complete my 24 hour urine analysis; and see the kidney specialist. Pending the results and further findings from the test, I may undergo a renal biopsy to help further diagnose which disease in my kidney's I'm suffering from. Diabetes has been ruled out, because my blood sugar levels are very good. The X-Ray's showed no swelling in my heart and lungs, and my thyroid is just fine too. That is the good news.

I just have to wait for further tests and results to understand the direct cause of my Nephrotic Syndrome; before I can be given any medicine to start treatment. The NP and Doctor said that they didn't want to put me on anything until they knew exactly what is wrong with me.

I have a lot of strength right now mentally, through the support of family and friends. I broke down yesterday, but after getting the love and care I needed from everyone, my spirits are up -- and I'm confident after a final diagnosis that I will be able to beat whatever is hurting me and live the most normal life I can.

Any well wishes my way would be greatly appreciated. This isn't going to stop me at all. I will finish my college career and I will continue giving my insight on the NFL Draft here at the Orange Mane!

Yes, it stinks to be 21 and have some crazy health disorder come up in me when I've been a healthy individual all my life -- but that's the breaks. A lot of people have it worse, and I'm lucky to have all the people I have in my life. I am blessed.

Just thought I'd let some of my friends here know.

Take care and go Broncos.
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