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Posted by Mike Florio on December 3, 2008, 8:50 p.m.

OK, so tomorrow night the NFL will broadcast for the first time a live game in 3D. The technology is incredible; we saw it earlier this year in the U2 concert film, and we believe it will unlock a new revenue stream for the NFL as folks in cities with five-figure season-ticket waiting lists host fans of the home team at $30 a pop to watch the game in life-like fashion at the local cineplex.

Originally, the league planned to show the Raiders at Chargers game in 3D at only three locations — San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York.

The selected locales made sense; the company that created the technology is located in L.A., the league office is located in New York, and the game is being played in San Diego.

As we hear it, however, the Raiders felt a bit left out, since a screening of the game in the Bay Area would have been a great way for the organization to engender goodwill with current local sponsors, potential local sponsors, and folks who plunk down big money each year for luxury suites at home games.

Actually, it would have made even more sense for the 3D version of the game to be shown in Oakland instead of San Diego, since the actual version of the game will be played in San Diego, and the folks whom the Chargers could be schmoozing at the theater will be at, you know, the football stadium.

But then, seemingly out of the blue, another team got in on the 3D action, with the Patriots announcing that the event also will be shown at the Emerald City the Krafts have constructed in the vicinity of Gillette Stadium.

We’re told that this specific development sent blood pressures in Oakland soaring.

And we can see their point. How do the Raiders get shut out completely from demonstrating the new technology via a game involving their team while the Patriots — who have no direct or indirect stake in the outcome — secure a valuable marketing tool?

We know that the Raiders are kind of a mess right now, but we fear that the league office might have dropped the ball on this one.

Besides, who wouldn’t have loved to have seen a picture of Raiders owner Al Davis wearing those big 3D glasses?
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