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Ohio: Hungry? Turn In Your Guns, Get Food December 3rd, 2008

Via: Beacon Journal:

Sponsors of the Goods for Guns program are hoping that the promise of a full belly will lure people to turn in their guns in exchange for $100 gift cards for Acme Fresh Markets.

The dates for the program, Nov. 21 and 22, were strategically selected this year to coincide with Thanksgiving because it’s a time when thoughts traditionally turn to food, authorities said.

Last year, the event sponsored by the Summit County Crimestoppers, the Sheriff’s Office, the Akron Police Department and several private corporations and nonprofit agencies removed 950 guns from the streets. This year, Crimestoppers hopes to purchase enough gift cards to increase that number and buy 1,200 guns.

In 2007, the program ran out of gift cards before the public ran out of guns.
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