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Champ Bailey

Nada Surf were pretty fun. They present a very positive, infectious production from a simple straight-forward rock power trio. Unfortunately, the PA at Haileys in Denton was crap and cut off at least ten times durning play! Ridiculous. The venue was absolute rubbish. The venue opened at 9 (theoretically), but the nimrods couldnt get the folks through the door until about 10:15...well into the first band's set. Exacerbating the situation was the fact that it was 35 degrees outside and everyone was dressed for a cramped, small venue and a high-energy show. The cherry on the top was the fact that the idiot venue owner (cant remember his name) stood with a blockade of bartenders after the show and helped funnel people out the door while yelling "Get the **** out of my bar!" at people that walked by. Total failure. It will take the Pixies to come through to get me back into that rathole. If you are thinking of playing Denton (which is awesome), play at Rubber Gloves, Dans or some other venue. Haileys is full of schlubs.

On to Nada Surf....

I was really impressed by the way they handled the situation. They worked with the sound crew during the mishaps and really came out of the thing smelling like roses. They could have played their normal tour set, done their thing, got the cash, and got out of their as quick as they could, but instead they played requests during times when the PA would quit, including a multiple-song interlude where guitarist/singer Matthew Caws did some acoustic tunes. They played for over 2 hours all told.

They are tight, fun, and infections. Excellent rock music with catchy pop melodies. Check 'em out if you can...hopefully in a better venue than Haileys.
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