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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Doggcow View Post
Where does everyone predict their team to finish? In their conferance/tournament/rankings? Why? Who are studs to look out for this year?

I'll start with Wazzu! We lost a LOT of our team, however this is the best recruiting class we have ever had. We just stomped on Mississippi Valley State (A Tournament team last year). I see Baynes being the premier big man of the PAC-10, and Rotchestie being our Steve Nash, the guy can slash! Also Klay Thompson comming on strong with DeAngelo Casto. Look out for the Cougs in the paint, because we will dominate it.

I see us finishing no lower than 3rd in the PAC-10, and making the tournament, with 1 or 2 tournament wins this year.
Washington plays who next? Oh tahts right, Kansas.

In Kansas City.

Good luck with that. Take your beating early.

KU obviously doesnt look as good as they did last year. Though they got some good players in Releford, and Taylor that have come in as well as retaining Aldrich (the guy that punked Hansborough last year in the Final Four) and Collins who should be right there with Blake Griffin for Big 12 player of the year come end of the season. Plus when Mario Little gets over his stress fracture in about a month thats one more bad ass we will have.

Sadly I dont see our depth being that great this year. The Morris Twins certainly are showing some good things though with Markieff pulling in 15 boards in the first game and his brother Marcus showing his moxy in teh next game.

Wazzu is lucky they are getting KU early this year, before the team has had time to gel and learn more of the Self way of basketball. They should have a decent shot at winning, but they wont
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