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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by bombay View Post
It was a very small theatre. I'm guessing maybe 150 people. We didn't come early or stay after, so didn't get to talk to him, but he was in a very friendly and chatty mode, so we probably should have. I've got another video of him just talking, about how he got hooked up with the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago when he was in high school. At some point I'll upload it if you're interested in seeing it. The thing about the youtube deal - maybe I'm doing something wrong - but it took like an hour and a half to upload that two and a half minute video. I was doing other stuff on the computer while it loaded, but had to be stationary so the computer didn't shut itself off.
I wish I could help on tthe You Tube thing, but I've never taken the mess with it, I should I have some cool stuff I could upload.

As for shows: I've gotten to the point over the last few years that I'm not even interested in the big arena shows anymore. It has to be small/mid level intimate settings where the artists/performers are available to the fans or I really see no point in going. Afterall, it's far cheaper to rent a concert DVD than to pay big $$$ and be so far back that you're basically watching the show on the huge screens they put up.
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