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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I think Drew Doughty is going to be a stud but isnt there a youth named Kopitar that has only one goal? You need more than those two to free them up. As for our youth movement, I think Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry are pretty much set already to be stars (like they were first stars last week). Add young guys like Ryan Carter and our days are far from numbered. I hope you enjoy that 3 points to 2 points edge as it might be the only saving grace for a last place team......again.
You don't have a youth movement going on. You have one of the oldest teams in the NHL. Your goalie is ancient, Neids, Pronger, Gaymu Salami is almost 40, Hedican whom you recently picked up is almost 40, Brad May, Brendan Morrison. Calijohn you have DINOSAURS on your team man, pretty soon your team will sponsored by a company that makes Depends.

Getzlaf and Perry as the only two young guys you have, is NOT a youth movement Calijohn. They alone aren't going to save your team from declining, face it your teams best days are behind.

Meanwhile the Kings on the other hand, have a full blown youth movement going on. They have quite a few forwards that are under 25. For example, we have Oscar Moller who already has 4 goals and 3 assists on the season, he is 19. Picked in the second round. Another guy named Patrick O'Sullivan who is 23, is a potential 30 goal scorer and top line guy. Then there is Dustin Brown, who is 24 and already the team captain, already has a 30 goal season under his belt to go a long with his hard hits. Simmonds, who made the jump to the Kings straight from the juniors, is only 20 and is playing on the energy line for the Kings now. Then there is Brian Boyle, who is 24 and will be a power center for the Kings. He is HUGE at 6 foot 7 at 250, he will be an immovable player when he is planted in front of the goalie. I don't even need to mention how Kopi plays.

In fact I won't even get started with who we have in the pipeline, that would be too long for me write about. Basically we have Purcell, Lewis, Cliche, Moulson, Meckler, Parse etc. The list goes on.

Now thats just the forwards Calijohn, let's talk about the youth movement we have going on Defense. It was looking bleak for a little bit there with only Jack MF Johnson as the only young stud. Then we drafted Thomas Hickey , who has drawn many comparisons to your own Rob Neidermayer. Hickey is already bulking up and be ready to play in the NHL by next year at 20 years of age. Then in our most recent Draft our GM Dean Lombardi didn't stop there, oh no, he went ahead and drafted two more studs in the first round by selecting Doughty, and Teubert. Then there is Alec Martinez, Drew Bagnall, Harrold, Voinov,Piskula etc. Many NHL experts think our defense is going to be the most scary defense in the NHL in 2-3 years.

Not convinced yet John? Lets talk about the Kings young Goalies. First of all there is a young man named Jonathan Bernier, who seemingly has played in just about every international or Junior level tournament there is and won there. He plays very well in big games and lives for it. Projected to be a starting netminder for the Kings and there aren't many flaws in his game...if any.

Jonathan Quick has the talent to develop into a star NHL goaltender according to many scouts, but I would say a solid netminder is more likely in his future.Then we have Linden Rowat, Danny Taylor, Martin Jones etc. The Kings have added a lot of depth in the Goalie pipeline, one of the things Dean Lombardi stresses is that he doesn't rush development. He should know because he developed Kiprussoff, Nabakov, and Toskala when he was with the Sharks organization.

So that about sums it up, your team is on the decline, as is the Dallas Stars. The Sharks have a few good years left, and the Coyotes are on the rise as well. But it is clear the Kings have the best quantity and quality of youth on the team in the NHL. Ducks are just a collection of Dinosaurs at this point.

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