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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Well he is a ball stopper and we are talking about AI not Melo. The ball stops at both of them. When they are off the team tanks because they are ball stoppers. Its why he is such a high scorer. Do you even no what you are talking about?
Ya I do, but that's every superstar scorer, teams depend on them to carry a certain load, but Iverson does distribute the ball and makes things happen. When he drives into the lane he gets others open and will dish it off, call him a ball hog all you want but I've watched him his whole career and he creates for other people. When Lebron isnt getting things going, his team struggles, same with all the superstars.
Calling him a ball stopper is just dumb IMO, maybe it's the nuggets who need to get some new players and a new coach and play some D and these dumb terms wouldn't come up, and they did and I'm glad Iverson's outta Denver and he can contend for a championship in Detroit rather than have another one and done in the Playoffs with no heart Melo.

Actually Ball stopper might be the dumbest term I've heard, because with your logic, all superstars with off games and worthless supporting casts are ball stoppers.
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