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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Yes he won't be back and Denver doesn't want him back. He was finally showing signs of age. Scott Hastings, who might be a horrible color commentator for the Nuggs but knows basketball said AI came into camp and the season with a ho-hum attitude. He was unhappy about not getting a new deal and didn't care.

That and he is a ball stopper. He wants the ball and when things get tight rather then penetrate and kick out he penetrates, lowers his head and chucks it up. It just wasn't a good fit. It sold tickets and last year he played his heart out but the make up of the team just didn't spell success.

My bet is he returns to Philly if they will have him.
Ha thats funny a ball stopper, a ball stopper is Carmelo Anthony, he takes dumb shots and don't forget he plays no D whatsoever then calls out his teammates. Don't call one of the best players in NBA history a ball stopper, especially one of the top 3 scorers ever, that's just retarded.

But I do agree, I think he will want to go back to Philly after this year and I hope they resign him.
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