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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
Stephen A. Smith must've been referring to Juwon Howard ... the Nuggest just released Howard after the trade was announced.
Juwan was waived because he was the only non-guaranteed player on the roster, he'll be resigned after McDyess is waived.

Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post
They just re-signed Balkman, too. Is he any good?
They picked up his option. He's hurt right now but a really good defender and energy guy. He's a like a younger, more athletic Eduardo Najera, but without the 3 point jumper Eddy developed last year.

Originally Posted by Peoples Champ View Post
Not sure, I have always thought we should have gotten rid of Kmart instead of Camby, I always thought Kmart was overpaid and overrated. But we will have to see. I hope McDyess can play, I am not sure what will happen with him. We need that D.
K-Mart's the most untradeable player in the league with that contract. While he is clearly WAY overpaid, when healthy he's actually a pretty good player. He's a really good defender who can run the floor and finish plays - not a star by any means but a damn good role player. I liked Camby a lot but he was far more overrated, IMO. He'd string together 20 rebound, 5 block games against bad teams which would inflate his averages but watching Gasol own his @$$ in the paint told me all I needed to know. I'm not trying to dog Camby, he was a loyal Nugget for years and a great guy in the community - I just think K-Mart's a better player.

Originally Posted by Master___Pain View Post
McDyess does not want to be a Nugget allegedly, the Nugget front office is trying to convince Dice that he would fit here. If not they could buyout his contract and he could sign anywhere or he can retire. I hope the releasing of Howard is indicative of McDyess changing his tune and deciding the 3rd time around would not be so bad.
Actually, there were never any plans for Dice to play here. He was in the trade to make the salaries work. The Nuggets are close to finalizing his buyout which would put his cap number at about $3 million and help the Nuggets get below the luxury tax which was a major priority this season. Howard had to be released as the Nuggets would've had 16 players on the roster, once the buyout is finalized and Dice is released - they'll resign Howard.

Originally Posted by GSRelyea View Post
According to ESPN McDyess will be waived then will wait the 30 days and re-sign with the Pistons. Which sucks because he could have really helped us inside.
I agree Dice could've helped us on the court as well as with the fan base but the opportunity to buy him out and get under the luxury tax was one the Nuggets couldn't refuse. Within six months, the Nuggets have possibly become a better team with a true PG running the show; become younger with guys like JR, LK and Balkman; and gotten under the luxury tax.

I have no doubt Bearup was responsible for all of this as there's no way those idiots Warkentein and Chapman could've pulled this off.

Projected Nuggets Rotation
Starters: Nene, Martin, Anthony, Smith, Billups
Reserves: Kleiza, Balkman, Andersen, Carter, Jones, Howard, Atkins, Hunter, Samb, Weems

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